It’s vintage chic!

If I told someone who doesn’t study or work in communications that I spent the better part of an hour choosing a font, they might think me in need of some clinical intervention. For those that do, it might seem like a drop in the ocean compared to some of the thought that goes into fonts for professional layout.

So what fonts did i end up choosing for my page?

For the headings, I stayed with the default fonts for this theme, “Newsworthy”. This was not an idle choice. You will notice the headings are very similar to the Impact font that is embedded in Microsoft products. If you are an internet procrastinator of any worth you will doubtless be aware of the plethora of ‘memes’ circulating the net. A large amount of these consist of a photo, with two lines of text, one above the photo, one below.

Bad Luck Brian

Much like this one.

The font used in these memes, is the Impact font. If you use it for your blog, there are advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that it is a font that a great many people are able to read and do so on a regular basis. You also gain any connotations that come with the font however. For impact, it could be that it is seen as a bold font that creates quite an ‘impact’.

Terrible jokes aside, people may associate the headings of my blog as trying to cash in on the impact font, using its popularity to enhance my own. They would not be wrong if they made such an assumption. It also might put the people into the frivolous mindset they are in when they go searching for and view memes. This can either be a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you want populism or professionalism.I still thought however that the positives of this font outweigh the negatives.

The body font for my blog is a serif font, called Droid Serif. Why serif? Well according to the research, serif font is easier to read in large blocks of text. It is as simple as that. I also found it to be an appealing text, it catches the eye when comparing it to other texts, but is not overtly obtrusive to read or difficult to skim over. I would liken it to a more modern version of Georgia typeface.

Eras Bold ITC is the font I used for the title banner. I chose it due to its similarity to the heading font, in that it is a large sans font. The difference being that Eras has a slight tilt, but not so much as to be italicised. I found it the most appealing out of all the fonts on Adobe InDesign for my banner. I was also considering using Magneto as a font, but found it didn’t quite fit the blog all that well.

All of my fonts are designed to be simple, clean, and unobtrusive, whilst still being recognisable. The two main texts, The heading text and body texts, are both variations on already well known fonts. Georgia is a very popular typeface for text, and impact a popular typeface for memes. I am hoping this means people are accustomed to reading them and it will make reading the text on this page easier.


n.b. I do not have the premium version of this blog, so my fonts will remain the defaults, aside from the banner.


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